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MEATER Plus Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

MEATER Plus Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

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Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth Booster, for BBQ, Oven, Grill, Kitchen, Smoker, Rotisserie. iOS & Android App


MEATER works by using advanced algorithms and a dual sensor system to monitor both the internal and ambient temperatures of your meat. It can accurately estimate the remaining cooking time and suggest when to remove the meat from the heat to rest before serving.

Remove the guesswork from cooking and achieve consistent results every time.

  • 2 Sensors, 1 Probe: Dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature and ambient.
  • Built-in Bluetooth repeater in the charger extends the wireless range up to 50m.
  • 100% Wire-Free: No wires. No fuss. The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer.
  • Guided Cook System: Walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results.
  • Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Estimates how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time.
  • App: Monitor your cook from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth. Extend your wireless range using MEATER Link WiFi and the MEATER Cloud. Downloadable from Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Honey Colour 

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