• Jalapeno Jazzy

    Our new and exciting flavour is a deliciously mild sauce. Add to your
    burgers, tacos, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas or just pretty much anything you want as it is seriously addictive!

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  • Punchy Peri

    A super versatile sauce with a Punchy kick! Splash on your breakfast
    in the morning, sandwiches, use as a marinade for your meat, fish or
    tofu. Add to burgers and perfect for summer BBQs.

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  • Mango Maisie

    Ready to kick your meals with some Caribbean flavours of Mango,
    Passionfruit & the hit of habanero. This unique fruity blend of
    Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit & Mango beer, you can add this to
    literally anything as a condiment or marinade.

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Artisan Hot Chilli Boom Sauce is great as a condiment for all occasions from BBQ’s to have on your eggs in the morning.

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Spice up those dishes and use Boom Sauce as a marinade for all fish, meat and vegetable dishes.

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    Boom Sauce is a chilli sauce that packs a flavoursome punch, and each bottle is made with my extra special pinch of Trini Love.


    Boom Sauce’s unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, I have created sauces using the perfect blends to enhance & compliment all your favourite dishes.

  • HOT

    Chilli sauce burns for most people in a great way, but it is not for everyone. We always recommend that if you have a sensitive mouth, tummy or rear end issues that you sample a small amount first.