Smokey Fix

🔥Introducing our new flavour to the mix

‘Smokey Fix’ is a collaboration with another amazing small business

in Wales. And is available to purchase EXCLUSIVELY on Boom’s website and Welshhomestead too.

The sauce we have created together as soon as you open the bottle you can smell the smokey aroma from the Carolina Reapers. Just like ‘Fix Up D’heat’ it is just as versatile to kickstart your day with your breakfast, add to your salad, pasta, meat, fish, tofu, tacos, fajitas, stews and even your cheese and biscuits.
This sauce is a definite must for all chilliheads and is not for the faint hearted! One drop and trust me if you’re a #BoomSauceAddict you’ll be diving in for more!

Grab Some heat 

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